Tales Of Valen

The Begining
How Our Adventure Started

Our story began with a group of 7 refuges from the small island country of Velcea. The party was on the last boat out, on the journey they kept to themselves and awaited their arrival in the country of Valen. Upon leaving the boat the party separated into small groups to make sense of their surroundings. For the ex thieves Swiftfingers the rouge gnome and Celeste the Half-Elf fighter, old habits die hard so they formulated a plan to burglarize a local shop. They successfully distracted the shopkeeper with a tale of a injured shipmate that needs his help, however not all goes well for them after that. Swiftfingers lost more then she made when she dropped her coin purse. The group only ended up stealing several bottles of ale, and Swiftfingers later drank her problems away. This attracted the attention of fellow refuge Breylius who found there actions to be morally questionable.


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